Tuesday, October 19, 2004

I know how you feel, Glenn
Instapundit.com: "InstaPundit is not an unbiased news service. It consists entirely of my opinions and such links to factual items as I find interesting. Its whole purpose is as a vehicle for my biases, in fact. It is not unbiased and objective in any fashion, but rather is opinionated and slanted, much like other, more respectable, outlets such as The New York Times and TonyPierce.com."

I've had some comments along the lines of the post to which Professor Reynolds is responding here. Read his whole response, apply it to RFTR, and you've got some idea of how I feel.

Don't criticize me for not considering both sides of the issues. I have considered both sides of the issues, but this blog is not about showing you my search for the truth, it is about presenting my conclusions, and the reasons why I've reached them. Toward that end, you'll definitely come across bias on this blog. If you think I'm an unthinking automaton, who follows whatever propaganda is handed down to me, I'll just point out that I don't even like Michael Moore (ha. ha. ha.), and that you're welcome to comment on my posts, or even email me, and I'd be happy to have an earnest debate with you, and explain what considerations went into the decisions I've reached.

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