Friday, October 01, 2004

As usual
Hugh Hewitt: "From spooked Bush-supporters: 'Most of the MSM talking heads are saying Kerry won on points!' True, and some of them are even Bush supporters. Which is why I watch the debates alone, which leads to a very different conclusion than my days of debate watching in television studios with their pressure of the collective voice pushes you towards 'don't be wrong.' So you overanalyze and over-react. MSM talking points thought that Kerry might pull a Gore, which would have finished him off. He didn't. He executed an excellent retreat to the left side of his party, and secured 45% in the general election. Ho-hum. The same folks that declared his Boston salute a brilliant bit of theater are now saying he's back in the race. Wrong in July, and wrong in September. Why?
Because as group three notes: 'America will never elect a man who believes in (1)'global tests,' or (2)that we can't be trusted with 'bunker-busters.'' Kerry trotted out vintage nuclear freeze thinking tonight, arguing that the United States' development of a new generation of nukes is a bad thing. No, it is not, because we are a good and responsible country. End of debate, because Kerry's distrust of our weaponry is really a distrust of our national purpose. As the president kept saying, it is about the core of the candidates, and at Bush's core is a certainty about America's purpose in the world and its essential goodness. At Kerry's core, despite many protestations to the contrary, is a deep suspicion of America with its nukes, its weapons, its preemption and its resolve to go it alone if necessary."

That's the point, folks. Kerry is rooting against American troops. Bush has thrown his lot in with the success of American troops abroad, and Kerry, by opposing Bush, has painted himself into a corner where the only way he looks good is when Americans fail. Hewitt goes on to quote an email from a former special forces guy that's right on the money:

"Kerry's comment stating that President Bush 'outsourced' the fighting in Tora Bora was a direct slap in the face of all Special Operations soldiers. The whole Afghan campaign is a classic 'Unconventional Warfare' scenario. A UW mission is one where teams of Green Berets enter a denied area (Afghanistan) and train a rebel force to overthrow a rogue government. Our Special Forces soldiers in Afghanistan accomplished in weeks, what Alexander the Great and the Soviet Union could not accomplish in years. John Kerry is an idiot."

He is an idiot, and he really doesn't get it. And I know that right now I'm getting an influx of visitors from DailyKos, and I'm sorry guys, but you're just as wrong as Kerry is. The Lileks post I selected is right on target: Dictators have nothing to fear from the pandering UN, France, and Germany axis. As long as the US is the big kid on the block, terrorists and maniacs will be targetting us, and those nations have no reason to act to protect us. In the long run, sure they do, but how often does any government think in the long run?

What it comes down to is this: I think Bush won the debate, but that's moot. The real fact is, Bush is the only candidate who understands what is necessary to safeguard America. Kerry lives in a fantasy world where he can plead people who hate us, want us dead, and are willing to sacrifice anything and everyone to make it so into backing down and playing nice. Good frickin' luck.

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