Thursday, September 30, 2004

My Initial Thoughts on the Debate
First things first: most people who watched the debate have already made up their minds, so I don't expect much of a change, if any, in the polls...
2nd, it was absolutely not a blow-out in either direction, but I do think there was a winner.
John Kerry scored some serious points, mostly about 2/3 of the way through the debate. Unfortunately for him, that's when ratings dip in a debate, so a lot of people probably missed it.

Overall, I have to say that Bush won. It was not a blowout, by any means, but he controlled the discussion through most of the debate. I taped it, so I'll have to go back and watch again tomorrow, after my 11:30 test, but until then, that's my impression.


Anonymous said...

you really do live in a strange universe if you thought Bush won. Virtually everyone else disagrees with you (and don't take my word for it... lookat ABC, CBS, CNN, ETC) Even Scarborough agrees Kerry won. Par for the course. Fairness and objectivity is not part of this blog.

Anonymous said...

Who ever said this blog was about fairness?
I'm a Republican who supports Bush.

That being said, it is my unobjective opinion that Bush did better than Kerry.

Anonymous said...

Finally after scouring the internet I found someone who agrees with me that Bush won the debate. Kerry was acting all smarmy with his long and elaborate answers. Thats not what America wants, senator!

We want a guy who can tell us what to think.

Bush is right: What kind of message does it send to the kids in Iraq who think that people are questioning the judgement of the man who sent them to war because he heard Iraq has weapons of mass destruction?

I have three words for all of you liberals who change your minds about things:

W. W. W.

Anonymous said...

Dream on! Kerry started poorly and Bush started strong. But, once Bush said mixed messages twice, again, again, again then twisted his lip and looked pissed, Kerry took the lead. He was articulate, didn't act out emotionally and showed he had a grasp of the issues and stature to be President Kerry.

It will only take 5% of the people to shift and this race is over.

Anonymous said...

I have to say it was a very pleasant surprise to see that there was a true back and forth between Bush and Kerry. I really don't see, though, how anybody can honestly think that Bush came anywhere near winning.

Kerry was calm, cool, confident, articulate (for the most part), knowledgeable and prepared. He answered questions from the moderator and challenges from Bush with equal ease. He seemed truly presidential, and I can't wait to see the rest of the debates.

In contrast, Shrubya was fidgety, evidently very thirsty (based on the almost constant sipping of water), blinked a lot (sometimes rapidly), shifted from foot to foot while answering, sighed (often!), suffered from lengthy pauses, consistently repeated arguments he'd already made instead of elaborating his position on whatever the topic was, at times looked confused, seemed downright flustered at others and, worst of all, evaded answering many of the actual questions almost from the very beginning.

I don't think Kerry has it sewn up, but Bush fared pretty poorly next to Kerry's statesmanlike demeanor. Kerry/Edwards '04!