Wednesday, September 01, 2004

GOP NYC 2004
Well, I've finished my tour of duty as a volunteer at the 2004 Republican National Convention, and I figure I should probably share some of my thoughts and experiences on the matter.

First off, a little name-dropping. Here's a list of all the people whose hands I shook:

  • Former President George H. W. Bush
  • Tim Russert, NBC correspondent
  • Tucker Carlson, CNN pundit, host of Crossfire
  • Charles Rangel, US Congressman, D
  • Joe Pantoliano, Actor
  • Anna Deavere Smitth, former Stanford prof, actress
  • Don King, need I elaborate?
  • Bill Krystal, Weekly Standard columnist
  • Mort Kondracke, Fox News pundit
  • Orin Hatch, US Senator, R
  • Triumph, the comedy insult dog (he made fun of me because my shirt was too big, and Republicans ought to be able to buy clothes that fit)

I think that's it, and I have to run out, so my description of the speeches, etc. will have to wait until later this afternoon.

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