Friday, September 03, 2004

Good News
It looks like the economy is on the rise, as Unemployment rate drops as job creation rebounds.

Of course, to Democrats this is bad news, because it increases the likelihood of a reelection victory for President Bush. So, they'll most likely enter their favorite stage: denial. Unfortunately, the numbers don't lie.

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Anonymous said...

The economy needs to create 150,000 jobs just to keep up with population growth. Any less, then the number of jobless folks increases. Any more, then the number of jobless folks decreases. So, 144,000 jobs created means that we are barely breaking even. A good economy on average creates 300,000 jobs every month, month after month (this is what happened in the 90s). This economy is not good but it is also not getting significantly worse. That is the conclusion one should draw. The democrats do have a point. This will be the first president in a long time to have not created one net job since he took office. Facts don't lie.