Thursday, September 02, 2004

The Difference
I'm watching Bush's speech, and I just had to make an observation, prompted by the two protesters who were just thrown out of the arena.
My job at the convention, officially, was helping people with disabilities to their seats. On Tuesday night, however, I spent the majority of the evening checking credentials and comparing people's faces with the pictures shown to me by NYPD and Secret Service guards to make sure only people who were supposed to be there were there. This was caused merely by the fact that so many protesters were trying to disrupt the convention.

Now, let me ask. How many protest arrests occurred during the DNC? 6.
How many THUS FAR during the RNC? Over 1500.
Now, there might be something to the allegations by protesters that the NYPD is over-arresting, and being too strict. But come on, even if that's the case, does that explain 1496 more arrests? Does that explain how there have been 3 times more arrests than the infamous 1968 Dem convention? The simple answer is no, it does not.

The explanation is the difference between the values held by Republicans and those held by Democrats. I am disgusted by the behavior of these people who have snuck into the convention to cause disruption, and proud that Republicans do not behave that way.


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RFTR said...

Wow. That was convincing...

Maybe if you give me some alternative explanation?

Anonymous said...

Simple explanation. There were more than half a million protesters in the RNC. I don't have the numbers for the DNC but I believe it was only in the thousands. By all accounts, the protesters in the RNC were peaceful. If you don't believe it, let's do some math: 1500 arrests out of 500,000 it 0.03%.

Second, there is a lot to protest against the Bush administration policies. What is there to protest against the Democrats and Kerry?

This talk about values is nonsense. No party can claim to have more values. Period.