Friday, August 13, 2004

What is the world coming to?
First this: "It happened recently to Police Chief Ian McCollin, who was in his car when he spotted a driver looking befuddled at an intersection.
Thinking the man might be lost, McCollin stopped on the side of the road. The man pulled alongside of him, rolled down his window and announced he was looking for an officer to arrest him because he was drunk."

And now this: "That's the label the San Francisco Examiner has given Bob Bernstein. After vandalizing the home of Burlingame, Calif., resident Mike Mellema and spray-painting the message 'Satanic Cult Here' on the property, Mr. Bernstein added the words 'I did this' along with his cell-phone number. The next day, he turned himself in to the police. Mr. Mellema says that he is perplexed because he belongs to no religious groups and his house has no political signs out front. 'I saw the phone number on the driveway and I said, 'OK, pal, you're nuttier than a fruitcake,'' he told the paper."

What is petty crime coming to when all of the criminals are turning themselves in?

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