Monday, August 09, 2004

It's nice to be right - Franks takes blame for 'mission accomplished': "'I wanted to get the phase of military operation over as quickly as I could, because a lot of countries on this planet had said as soon as that major stuff is over, we'll come in and help with all of the peacekeeping,' Franks said.
'On the first of May when Bush did what he did, I was proud of him because he did what I, as the commander, had asked him to do,' Franks said in an appearance at the National Press Club. 'So if there's a mistake there, it's mine, not a plot. So I thought I'd share that with you. '"

No, as some of you might expect, I'm not defending some previous claim that Bush was right to say that the mission was accomplished (though I think as things stood, he was -- and we have not resumed major combat operations, so what he said is accurate). The point of this post is that I've always thought General Franks was an honorable man, and his willingness to admit his mistake is good evidence of that fact. So, three cheers for Tommy Franks.

(On a side note, Gen. John Shalikashvili, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs suffered a stroke today. Even if he is an adviser to the Kerry campaign, let's pray for a speedy and full recovery. He's a good man who has served his country well, no one deserves to suffer the lasting effects all too common with a stroke, and he has the coolest last name on record.)

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