Friday, July 23, 2004

Should be fun to watch
OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan: "Will Mr. Kerry get real and be plain as a plank, or will he 'ask not'? Don't ask. A prediction: People do what they know how to do, and for decades Mr. Kerry and Mr. Shrum have been doing the JFK thing. And it will please many in the hall. But it won't play as well in America. Mr. Kerry is one of those rare public men who never get over self-consciousness in public. He's also that rare athlete who seems to lack physical grace. (In these things, oddly, he's like George Herbert Walker Bush.) He seems affected because he's self-conscious, and this is compounded by an air of premeditation. In all the pictures of him taking part in sports he always has the perfect right gear on, striking sort of the right pose. He seems to be enacting sports more than enjoying them. He always seems to be enacting rather than enjoying. This is why John Edwards in comparison seems normal. "

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