Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Clinton Endorses Bush??
In his concluding paragraph last night, Bill Clinton said: "Since we're all in the same boat, let us chose as the captain of our ship a brave good man who knows how to steer a vessel though troubled waters to the calm seas and clear skies of our more perfect union."

Is this a subliminal endorsement of Bush? The troubled waters of 9/11 were deftly navigated by our current President. He has, in fact, proven himself as an executive leader, while John Kerry has not. How could we possibly know that that sentence describes Kerry as well?

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Anonymous said...

with respect, sir, are you really that partisan? Bush, for all his strengths and decisiveness has deliberately alienated half the country to get himself reelected. How can you be proud of that?

The memorable line will be 'strength and wisdom are not conflicting values' by he who must not be named by republicans.

Bush is in deep political trouble, and unfortunately, he's bringing conservatives with him. true (New England-style) conservatism may require a Bush loss to wrest the party from the Tom DeLays. Andy Sullivan is right about that.