Tuesday, June 08, 2004

SO Tempting
Talking Presidents | Action Figure - Ronald W. Reagan


Me said...

Where do you get this stuff?! Remember that article about "blogaholism"? I think it's about time for an intervention. However, I love your other stuff so you are forgiven for this.

RFTR said...

Good answer: I'm an amazing blogger who scours the internet to find the most interesting tidbits to pass on to my loving readers.

Real answer: I'm a huge dork who is on every conservative mailing list imagineable.

And Lexi, who are you? I'm glad to know I've developped a few readers who seem to read my site regularly, but I really have no idea how it happened. If you'd email me to let me know how you found the site, and maybe a bit of information about yourself (if you have a blog, your political affiliation, etc.), I'd appreciate it. That goes for anyone else out there that I haven't specifically sent to my blog as well. Thanks!

Sandals said...

I read your site because I can get conservative opinions without my brain exploding. Take that as you will. ;)



Me said...

Me again. Since your "email me" link isn't working, I'll just post here. Answers to your questions are as follows. 1.)I was directed to your site by a friend of mine. 2.)I have a blog that's not worth sharing. 3.)I'm a registered conservative but politics aren't my forte. You're a great writer and you always bring something interesting to the table. Keep up the good work!