Thursday, June 03, 2004

Right action, wrong consequences - Schwarzenegger sends military jet to pick up ailing legislator: "There is no indication that Schwarzenegger did anything illegal in authorizing the trip. But the state could have saved a considerable amount of money by chartering a jet with a medical crew rather than using the military aircraft, the Times reported."

I think it's silly for people to second-guess the decision, because it needed to be taken. And now, I think Schwartzenegger should dip into his own massive pockets and refund the state, saying "I did what I thought was necessary, but to aviod the appearance of impropriety, I am reimbursing the state."

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Sandals said...

Damn gas prices! :)

The scribes are stretching a bit here, though it is a legitimate concern. The summary of the article causes me lean towards Ahnuld, but the fact that the senator had already been checked into a specialist hospital for 5 days makes it a little iffy.

It's not like he sent a plane to drop off a load of corpses and bring back a load of drugs, though. And it would be a shame if Schwarzenegger spent more resources defending his action than he did on the action.