Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Impeach Dowd!
Catherine Seipp once again wows us with her Monthly Maureen Dowd Watch (via InstaPundit). My favorite selection: "[W]hat caught Australian blogger Tim Blair's eye here was this Dowd sentence: 'Can't the hawks who dragged us into this hideous unholy war at least pay attention to a crisis of American credibility that's exposing Iraq and the world to more dangers every day?'
As Blair aptly noted: 'If Dowd's views were reversed, we'd be reading something like this: 'Can't the pussies who denounced this beautiful God-given war at least acknowledge the American bravery that's making Iraq and the world more perfect every day?' Run that line and you'll be condemned as a tabloid simpleton. Dowd's view is exactly as sophisticated, but redeemed somehow by being anti-war.'"

Now, of course Ms. Dowd has the right to be a syndicated columnist, and a regular in the NYT, as does anyone with an opinion. It just serves to point out every once in a while that, despite her deluded ramblings to the contrary, she is not a part of mainstream America, nor does she go anywhere near representing the average American.

Here's another great passage: "I doubt that Dowd is naive enough to actually buy [Michael] Moore's Disney spiel, which means that she's dishonest enough to pretend to."

Read the whole thing, as Ms. Seipp does a great job of explicating Dowd in ways that I wish I could.

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