Monday, May 03, 2004

Well, It Was a Good Idea in '46: "HERE'S THE HARD THOUGHT that's been creeping up on me for a while. Mistakes are one thing, but if the folks pulling the levers don't win all the way--all the way--if the decision-makers falter and declare half-victory with a frozen smile, and tip-toe away, and act shocked, shocked, I tell you, when the whole place falls apart . . .
Then it will be impossible to gather the will, or the votes, or the moral fiber to do it again, the right way, for a very long, and by then thousands, and then millions of innocent 'occupied inhabitants' will have been tortured and slain.
And the worst part, the greatest sin: Every life lost so far will have been wasted. Every Pat Tillman--and they're all Pat Tillmans, every one--will have been given for nothing."

Granted, Larry Miller is a comedian, but this is a very serious column. I was reading the whole thing, finding line after line that I wanted to excerpt, until I settled on this near the end. Read the whole thing, though, because he does a great dissection of the argument made by many that we are only making things worse by responding to insurgents in Iraq.

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