Thursday, May 13, 2004

They're Not All Moose
From today's Political Diary: "Paul Martin, the new Canadian Prime Minister, is making it clear he does not share the occasional anti-American attitudes of his predecessor, Jean Chretien. Mr. Martin told a crowd of university professors and business leaders in Montreal this week that he believes Saddam Hussein did indeed have weapons of mass destruction and that Saddam's WMD quite possibly have already found their way to terrorists. 'Many weapons that Saddam Hussein had, we don't know where they are,' he told the group. 'That means terrorists have access to all that.'

Mr. Martin said he believes "terrorism will be, for our generation, what the Cold War was to the generation that preceded us." When asked about Mr. Chretien's comments after the 9/11 attacks that terrorism was caused by global poverty, Mr. Martin minced no words: 'The cause of terrorism is not poverty, it is hatred.'"

Mr. Martin, it seems, gets it. Let's look at this: the UN Security Resolutions said Saddam had to either disclose what weapons he had, or show evidence that everything we know he had was destroyed; he claimed that everything had been destroyed, but did not provide evidence to prove that in many cases; we assumed he still had the weapons; we invaded, and found the infrastructure, but no weapons as yet.

The conclusion? We have a couple options: He never had the weapons — we know this to be false; he destroyed them all and still let sanctions continue — unlikely as hell; he had them, but they've been transferred somewhere else — if this is the case, then the "rush" to war was significantly too short. And when a chemical, biological, or dirty bomb goes off in the Port of Newark I will weep for my vindication.

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