Thursday, May 06, 2004

Point: Military Service - The Politic - Opinion
I don't really feel right excerpting a money quote from this article, as it is my own work, finally published online in The Politic. It is written in oppostion to the Counterpoint, which asserts that Kerry is uniquely qualified to be CinC. Read them both, but bear in mind that I did not have an opportunity to read the pro-Kerry piece before I wrote my own.

The only comment I'll make about Mr. Jones's piece is, do you notice how he keeps saying "John Kerry can do such and such. That is not to say Bush can't, but Kerry can do it better."? Example: "John Kerry clearly left Vietnam with a profound appreciation for the preciousness of human life - an extraordinarily important quality for the commander of the most powerful military ever assembled. This is not to suggest that George Bush is callously indifferent to human life or that he lacks the capacity to care for the nearly 600 American soldiers killed in Iraq. But I do wonder whether the president is adequately concerned with the legal and moral obligation to wage war only as a last resort." Sounds like a pretty weak argument to me. And also, it serves as a great example of how the left mischaracterizes the right's justifications for going into Iraq in the first place. As we see it, war was the last resort. Saddam wasn't complying, and we needed to do something about it. Anyway, read them both and let me know what you think.

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