Monday, May 24, 2004

Pahk the Cahr at Hahvahd Yahd...
...and walk the rest of the way into Boston. Political Wire reports that, "'In the space of two months, the Democratic National Convention has gone from a $154 million boon to Boston to a potential $50 million hit to the local economy as businesses absorb the magnitude of the announced highway, street, and mass-transit closings,' the Boston Globe reports."

This is bad news for Dems, and bad news for Bostonians. And now, it may not even be a convention at all, but merely a political rally.

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Sandals said...

Been a bit of discussion about this recently. Really, there's not much point in political conventions any more. Even in "close" primaries such as the 2004 Democratic one, the victor is known months in advance. Essentially all they are is a campaign rally that differentiates "primary" spending and "general election" spending. The Republican one this year had to get laws changed to get it set as late as it is. I think this sort of behavious needs to be nipped at the bud. Kerry's floating the idea of having his nomination coinciding with Bush's and getting shot down shows that. It virtually guarantees that the parties will engage in a competition to see who can set their convention later in the year.

FEC needs to set a hard date that determines the start of the General Election season in matching-dollars and spend-limits terms. Don't need it to turn into another gerrymandering mess.