Thursday, May 06, 2004

The New York Times > Opinion > Op-Ed Columnist: Shocking and Awful: "Rush Limbaugh compared the prison torture to 'a college fraternity prank,' like a Skull and Bones initiation."

Ok, Ms. Dowd, it's fine that you like to make things up, but, as a Yalie, I'm going to take this moment to correct you. Skull and Bones is not a fraternity, and there are no pranks involved in their initiation. There are, of course, rituals, but none of them are at all connected to the outside world, lest they be found out. The pranks played at Yale are significantly more likely to be played against the Skulls' tomb. If you'd wanted to be accurate, you should have drawn a connection to DKE, the fraternity of which W was the president during his time at Yale.

Also: having now continued to read the rest of this column, I have to say that if I handed it in at Yale, I couldn't expect better than a D. What is her point? She just rambles. It started out ok, and then her complaints seem to go all over the place. Freaky.

UPDATE [ 5/6/2004 - 12:07]: To clarify, I am not criticizing the comparison of the Iraqi torture to Skull and Bones, so much as I am criticizing the comparison of Skull and Bones to a fraternity, which it most certainly is not. And I'm criticizing the fact that this column is really poorly written.

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