Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Let's have some truth... - 'Da Vinci' author: I left out even more
OK, look: The Davinci Code is made up. He didn't research this, he wrote a novel. The fact that CNN reports this as if there is a legitimate debate of the assertions of the book astonishes me.

James (my brother), if you're reading this, please comment, since I know you're reading the book right now.


Tanstaafl said...

Well, first of all... if that's the way you feel, for consistency sake, you should read the book. I remind you to review your criticism of Dan Henninger for commenting on "Passion of the Christ" without having seen it. That sword cuts both ways.

Having finished the book last night, I believe Dan Brown did a great deal of historical research in order to write a mystery novel set in the present day. It is definitely fiction. However, Tom Clancy writes fiction, but he does an enormous amount of research to make sure that his fiction is realistic. I don't know what Dan Brown's sources were, or how accurate the history that he relates is, but if nothing else, his observations about Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" are pretty amazing.

RFTR said...

Have you looked at the Last Supper? There's no woman, and the person in question has a beard.

As far as reading it, I was going to, but you took mom's copy, so bring it to golf on saturday.

Tanstaafl said...

Hmmm.... Well, yes I have looked at it, and I think that the person directly to Christ's right looks like a woman. I don't see any beard... but the readers can decide for themselves: