Saturday, May 01, 2004

Independent Women's Forum (via InstaPundit): "Obvious questions -- Who are these 9/11 families? How do they have any useful knowledge about preventing another Sept. 11? Why is it a good thing that they're stroking Richard Clarke? -- are never even raised in a Dowd column. Instead she describes one of the four widows on parade as 'the lovely Kristin Breitweiser of New Jersey, whose husband died in the south tower,' and that, ipso facto, is enough: She's lovely, her husband's dead, now shut up."

A great investigation into why Maureen Dowd's columns are similar to soft porn. I must say Dowd has bothered me for quite some time, and if you read enough of the back pages of this site, you'll find more than one criticism, and at least one fisking. It's gotten to the point where I simply cannot read more than one paragraph of hers without flying off the handle.

Yet I've never understood what it is, beyond her unfailing liberalism, that so turned me off. And this article gets at it: her style is as cheesy and poor as the writing in a nudie magazine. (Not Playboy, Playboy has some good writers, but "TitF*ckers," and "I Crave C*ck," and the like.) I excerpted this little segment above, of course, not to point out MoDo's moronic word play, but the way she and too many other pundits (Ann Coulter, for example) completely dismiss an opposing point of view by running you right around it before you have a chance to make an argument. It's brilliant, and obnoxious.

I read on, however, and find this golden nugget of three paragraphs: "Then there's her shallowness. Sometimes when she's skittering around, Dowd happens upon a notion she likes a lot. Rather than develop it into an actual idea, though, she just repeats it endlessly, like an 8-year-old with a knock-knock joke. Take her latest column, April 25's 'The Orwellian Olsens,' which, after its opening line of 'It's their reality; We just live and die in it,' consists entirely of 25, mostly one-sentence 'In Bushworld...' aphorisms.

Examples: 'In Bushworld, you brag about how well Afghanistan is going, even though soldiers like Pat Tillman are still dying...' 'In Bushworld, we're making progress on the war on terror by fighting a war that creates terrorists.' 'In Bushworld, they struggle to keep church and state separate in Iraq, even as they increasingly merge the two in America.' And so on.

Set aside for a moment that the title of this column is obscure (not until 'In Bushworld,' No. 21 is it clear that Dowd is comparing Bush and Cheney to Mary-Kate and Ashley) and that these 'Bushworld' statements are awfully easy to parody: 'In Maureenworld, soldiers would never die in battle.' 'In Maureenworld, we can assume that before the war on terror, terrorists weren't a problem.' 'In Maureenworld, comparisons between a President who believes in God and people who think women should be stoned to death for religious reasons can be made with a straight face.' And so on."


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