Monday, May 10, 2004

I Wonder How They're Paying For It... Maybe Oil-for-Food Money
UN to upgrade security at New York Headquarters: "The United Nations is set to begin a slate of projects - including the construction a new perimeter fence - to bolster safety and security measures at its New York Headquarters.
The fence that currently runs along First Avenue will be replaced and new gates installed, and the lighting and surveillance systems along the perimeter will be enhanced to deter unauthorized entry, according to UN spokesman Fred Eckhard."

What are they afraid of? Any terrorist worth his salt should know that attacking your best friend is never a good idea, and would know better than to hit the UN.

Of course, we learned in Iraq that when attacked they run like scared children, so maybe the city of New York should organize some sort of attack. Can you imagine the benefit to the city if that piece of real estate opened up? Plus, they wouldn't have to deal with so many parking ticket scofflaws anymore.


Sandals said...

Because its certainly not with our UN dues.

Perhaps it would be more convincing if you were to post why you believe the UN to be a friend to terrorism?

I would also remind you the only person(s) with access to the files that form the basis for the oil-for-food scandal are Ahmed Chalabi and his buddies.

RFTR said...

Oh come on now. I know it's difficult to pick up tone with mere text, but this is clearly a hyperbolic joke.
As if I really think it's a bad idea for the UN to buy a new security fence to replace the one installed in the 70s, and I'm advocating that New York City attack the complex.

Sandals said...

Pardon me. It is difficult to be anything but deeply cynical this week.