Thursday, May 27, 2004

I love this woman
Peggy Noonan has two great pieces this week (here and here). I'm also reading her book "What I Saw at the Revolution," and enjoying it immensely. All three come highly recommended.

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Sandals said...

It is too bad Amnesty International is worried about possible U.S. insensitivity in apprehending potential terrorists. No doubt there has been and will be roughness. But mostly Amnesty is talking about this because they don't really like us, they don't know what time it is, they have to do something for a living, they think we're more competent than we are, and they still don't understand Sept. 11. What the hell? Why is Peggy going after Amnesty? Christ. They "understand terror" a hell of a lot better than she does, considering Amnesty has people in the field risking their lives in order to document human rights abuses in such unknown places as "Chad".

And then she goes on a rant how we should just arrest everyone that looks mildly like a terrorist and complain about it later, say in 20 years. Maybe, Peggy, because a free society and the incredibly basic right of habeas corpus are worth fighting for? Not throwing them away the moment our commitment to them are tested? Guess we should open back the ol' Japanese internment camps on a full-time basis for whatever the "Suspected Minority of the Year" is.

Shouldn't expect better from Dolphin Prophecy Peggy.