Monday, May 10, 2004

First Hand Account
Mullings An American Cyber Column By Rich Galen: "It should be pointed out that the prisoners at Abu Ghraib are not Boy Scouts rounded up for jaywalking. These are bad guys who either blew up or shot a coalition member; or were caught assembling an explosive device; or were caught in a place where the makings of explosive devices were found; or were caught with a cache of weapons. See the pattern here?
In short they were trying to kill me and others like me. And if they succeeded in doing that, they were going to come over here and try to kill you.
Ugly thought? You bet. But that is the kind of prisoner being held in the terrorist section at Abu Ghraib."

He was there. Maybe we should listen to what he has to say.

UPDATE [5/10/2004 - 22:27]: My brother posts some more extensive comments on diet coke for breakfast. He's an intelligent, articulate guy, as I've said before. He knows what he's talking about, so make your way over there and read it.


Beth said...

I'm okay with his making arguments about the war and what not, but the quoted text remains a justification for the actions.

He says, twice, "This was wrong," with a giant BUT of "they were bad guys, so we must be blowing the thing out of proportion."

Acting like the devil is nearly as bad as making a deal with him.

Anonymous said...

90% of Iraqi prisoners held in errorCAMERON SIMPSON May 11 2004
AS many as 90% of Iraqi detainees may have been arrested by mistake, according to a "sickening" report that reveals prisoners were systematically mistreated and beaten. (more in story).