Monday, May 31, 2004

Endorsements Kerry wouldn't dream of... - Rolling Thunder motorcyclists visit the White House
I'm not sure why he'd want them to endorse him, except that they're veterans, but it's one more example of how Bush deals with America in ways that Kerry never could.

I had a chat with my mom today. She's pretty much a political neophyte, by choice. She detests politics, and hates Bush almost as much. She thinks Iraq is our generation's Vietnam, and while she acknowledges that it's not nearly as severe, she's scared that its similarities are too strong. She's certainly not sure she'll vote for Bush in November. The only thing she knows is that she will never vote for Kerry. She is the poster child of Bush's declining approval rating that won't move to Kerry's column.

Why? He's a limousine liberal, as she pointed it. He is a wealthy, well-off, white male who doesn't trust Americans. He doesn't trust that people will do their best to help others, and so he believes that the government should force it on people. She hates his white-guilt syndrome, as I call it (and no, I'm not claiming to have coined that term).

So what am I saying? People may not support Bush's choice to bring freedom to Iraq, and they may not be happy about the losses we're suffering in the meantime, but they like that he's decisive. They like that he decides what he wants and goes after it. They like that he's a real person, with real emotions. They like that he's a man's man who is a cowboy (more on this: Europeans think all Americans are cowboys. Know why? We are. That's exactly what the American spirit is all about. From manifest destiny, to defeating communism, to entrepreneurship, we are cowboys. It's about not standing for crap thrown at you, and rising to earn your way in the world. That's why, as much as it scares us, we're also comforted by Bush's cowboy side. And yes, I know he's from Connecticut, not Texas.).

People may not support the choices he makes, which is seen in his falling polls, but I think in the end, those who get out and vote, will still vote for him. Find me someone in middle America who is truly excited about Kerry. Find me someone who really detests Bush who will admit that Kerry is their first choice, that he is who they would have picked, and that he's what they hope to see in the White House. I think there are 5 of them out there.

[ed. note: I recognize I went away from the initial point of this article, but I'm sure you'll indulge me. If not, then I'll just wish you a Happy Memorial Day. Remember our veterans and those serving right now. Keep both in your daily prayers.]

UPDATE [5/31/2004 - 1:33]: Political Wire has a great round-up of some polling data that helps show another reason a lot of people may dislike Kerry: they still don't know him. Despite his repeated declarations that he will define himself, the Senator has been so nuanced in every position he's "taken" that no one knows where he really stands on anything. The polling data shows how many people are undecided on how they feel about Bush vs. Kerry, and in each poll, people feel much clearer on the former than the latter. Now, granted, this stems at least partly (I'd say largely) from Bush's incumbency, but there's something else behind this. If people don't know who Kerry is, no matter how they may feel about Bush, they are unlikely to vote for him.


Sandals said...

[Kerry] is a wealthy, well-off, white male who doesn't trust Americans. I'm not sure what you mean, but I'll snip a bit from Al Gore's speech:

"Our founders were insightful students of human nature. They feared the abuse of power because they understood that every human being has not only "better angels" in his nature, but also an innate vulnerability to temptation especially the temptation to abuse power over others. "As for me, I'm an avid Kerry supporter. I don't idolate him, though.

I think my question for you is, where does Bush's cowboy image come from? Why is he viewed of as decisive, as a "real person, with real emotions" (implying that Al Gore and John Kerry are not)?

Sigh... so depressing. I'm writing half heartedly right now. I'm too full of BBQ to really get going. Heh. Too much detail missing. Oh well. Have a good Memorial Day.

RFTR said...

Do you really think you're making a good argument when you quote Al Gore? Remember this is the guy who thinks that The Day After Tomorrow was based on good science.
In fact, with the Bush-Cheney subplot thrown in, I'm not entirely sure he knows it wasn't a real event...