Tuesday, May 04, 2004

David Brooks: Right Face, March!: "The one big problem they are not addressing -- and are actually making worse -- is the creepy tone of prudentialism that envelops this campaign. Nobody is passionate about John Kerry."

The overall tone of this column is that Kerry is doing well, slowly positioning himself closer to the center than he was during the primary. I agree with that, though I still think he's doing a poor job of defining himself. I think the way he's positioning himself in the middle is by not positioning himself out on the left. That's a problem too.

But I chose this quote because it's still the biggest problem that Kerry is facing. My mini-poll is up to 46 votes. 11 are pro-Bush, 2 are anti-Kerry, and 8 are pro-Kerry. That leaves 25, over HALF, who have marked themselves at anti-Bush. Clearly this is unscientific, but people are far less likely to go to the polls because they don't like a candidate than if they do like one.

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