Tuesday, May 04, 2004

CNN.com - 'Nightline' ratings up for war dead show: "The folks at ABC's "Nightline" thought Friday's telecast with the names of Americans killed in Iraq would be a ratings loser -- and the opposite turned out to be true[...]preliminary measurement was up 22 percent from the previous Friday and was 29 percent more than other "Nightline" telecasts last week."

A)Bull. They knew that it would get free media coverage because they knew it would stir up controversy, and ratings always go up under those circumstances. If they didn't, then they wouldn't be at the top levels of television production
2)I renew my objection to Nightline's decision to air this show, both at the time it was done, and in the way it was handled. There was no reason to read this list now, at the expense of other lists at other times. It was as ratings ploy, and I'm infuriated by it.

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