Thursday, May 27, 2004

Clinton gets it--what about other Dems?
From today's Political Diary: "Mr. Clinton acknowledged that many students in the audience probably opposed the war in Iraq, but he quickly shushed their cheering, saying, 'This is thinking time, not cheering time. If immediately you decide that somebody who sees a whole new situation differently than you must be a bad person and is somehow twisted inside, then we're not going to get very far in forming a more perfect union.'
Mr. Clinton perhaps unconsciously was comparing his host at KSU, Bob Dole, to Mr. Gore, when he added that he felt an affinity for Mr. Dole because 'We always kept score by what we did, not by what we said.'"

And now, it's cheering time: way to go Bill. I disagree with almost every political stand this man has ever taken. I disagree with almost every moral choice this man has ever made. But I respect him. Why? Because he is intelligent, and while I think a lot of what he does is intended merely to pad his ego, I also think he tries to act in the best interest of the country and the world. This is evidence that, despite being an arrogant, immoral asshole, President Clinton can be a stand-up guy.


Exile said...

I remember making almost the exact same comment about my good friend Brian. I first read about the Clinton address at KU in the context of basketball recruiting, but I am glad to learn that Clinton may have something to contribute as some work to combat the emotional partisanship that is, regrettably, a reflex in growing numbers of Americans of all ages.

Beth said...

Just remember that that goes both ways. War opponents get a lot of accusations of being morally twisted from your side, you know.