Monday, May 10, 2004

Bush Blows, but Kerry Sucks
All Hat and No Cattle
OK, one more. This is a really interesting piece in the Weekly Standard, 2/3 of which outlines why Bush has every reason to lose this election. Then it turns to comparing him to Kerry and pointing out why the likely outcome is four more years. I'm not sure I agree with everything, and I need to digest some of the logic a bit more, but it's definitely worth reading.

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Sandals said...

Analyzing the last few paragraphs in the link you cited that lists Kerry's "agenda".

1.) Kerry would hand off to UN Peacekeepers and just scramble out, whereas Bush would handle over to a stable Iraqi government with UN supervision and would "and at least hang around long enough to restore some semblance of order to the country".

Fanciful and stupid. Who makes up the majority of UN Peacekeepers in every conflict? I mean, critical thinking here. Not only that, it goes against Kerry's position, which seems to not bother the author of the article.

2.) Kerry would look for "victory on the cheap", would rather spend money at home than abroad. "Besides, Kerry has said that every fire engine we put in Iraq, and every school we refurbish there, comes at the expense of an American city.".

Your search - "every fire engine we put in Iraq, and every school we refurbish there, comes at the expense of an American city." - did not match any documents.
Your search - "every fire engine we put in Iraq" - did not match any documents.
fire engine iraq kerry:
"Once the Iraqis at the Baghdad Fire Department's largest station learn English, they'll be able to read the English-language "Baghdad Fire Department" T-shirts we've decked their employees in. The BFD seems to be a symbol for our whole approach, by the way: US taxpayers have paid for a repainting of the station, new beds, air conditioners, office equipment, a television and a DVD player, reports ABC Nightly News. So the BFD probably on the surface looks more luxurious than most American fire stations. But ABC reports, that "after doing their best for the cameras, the firefighters told us there were still no replacements for the fire engines and protective gear taken by looters just after the war. 'I'm happy the Americans helped us,' said one of them. 'But if I'm going to fight fires, I'm going to need better clothing than a T-shirt. It's nylon and will burn right off.' "Not to forget that Bush is paying for Iraq with our children's money. In my case, that would mean, um, MY money. A deficit is nothing but deferred taxes, sound familiar?

3.)"Both men will have to do something about the budget deficit. Kerry proposes to raise some $850 billion over 10 years by increasing taxes on families earning over $200,000 per year, but to spend it on expanding health care coverage rather than on deficit reduction. Bush proposes to spend that $850 billion on more tax cuts. As far as the red ink is concerned, this is much of a muchness, although tax cuts generally have an efficiency edge over more government spending."
Has this guy ever studied Macroeconomics? Not true!

4.) "And while we are thinking about economic policy, it would be well to ask ourselves which candidate is more likely to introduce environmental regulations the costs of which exceed their benefits, which is more likely to appoint an EPA administrator who is insensitive to the trade-off between jobs and environmental enhancement, and which is more likely to satisfy trade union demands for protectionist measures and workplace rules of the sort that have brought European economies to their knees. The name Kerry comes up every time."
The EPA, reeeeeallly. hmmm.... Dumbass. I mean seriously. How can anyone really raise Bush's EPA record as a POSITIVE point? "Environmental Protection Agency", not "Tacit Approval of Corporate Requests for Lax Enforcement Agency". The claims that Bush are free trade are especially ludicrous after BushAdmin blocks of voluntary testing for Mad Cow Disease, 30% Steel tariffs, which would raise prices of steel 10% in the US, cotton subsidies, 29% tariffs on Canadian lumber, blocking Vietnamese catfish imports, limiting imports of Chinese underwear and fabrics...more where those came from. Anyways, Kerry isn't free-trade, but Bush's claims that he is are heavily contraindicated by his record. That last line is, if I may be blunt, especially fucking stupid. "and workplace rules of the sort that have brought European economies to their knees"....Right. Dissing workplace safety and OSHA (already heavily defanged by Bushco) at the sametime as claiming that European economies are a mess. At least he didn't claim the Canadian economy was a mess.