Monday, May 03, 2004

Biking to Extremes (from today's Political Diary):
"Meanwhile, we've done some research: Handmade titanium Serotta bikes like Mr. Kerry's cost upwards of $3500 for the frame alone. If you want forks, be prepared cough up 500 or 600 bucks, and, of course, wheels, seat, gears, etc. are priced in the same ballpark. In short, Mr. Kerry was riding a two-wheeled testament to the law of diminishing returns. Such a bike can't do anything that a much cheaper bike couldn't do: Mr. Kerry might just as adequately have fallen off a Schwinn. The Senator, of course, has access to enough of his wife's money to buy any bike he wants, but a lot of rich people are content to park their buns on a Schwinn. It takes a certain kind of ass to insist that only the most expensive bike is good enough for it (him)."

To be fair, if you bike off-road, or bike enough on-road that you would tear another bike to shreds, you might need a bike worth thousands of dollars. Kerry, I'm sure, does not ride on those surfaces, or that often, so this is a bit excessive. I, for example, do just fine getting around town on a huffy, though I could afford better. And I certainly never make the mistake of looking like this.

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