Wednesday, April 07, 2004 - Working to win the South wastes Democrats' time and resources: "It's time for Democrats to take their cue, get a clue, and recognize that Southerners are to us what Jews, blacks, and all good people are to the Republicans."

You've got to love the way he sneaks that line into the middle of this column. This is otherwise a decent column about strategy, which Mr. Jones decided to reduce to an idiotic partisan rant through this and similar lines of discussion. It's no surprise, as he is the local coordinator for the John Kerry campaign, and he's clearly representing the "you mean everyone doesn't think like me?" liberal mindset so common at Yale.

Compare it to this column, also in today's YDN, by Yale College Republicans head, Al Jiwa. (Full disclosure: Al is a friend and colleague). In it, he does a very nice job of defending Republicans, but never at the expense of the Dems. Instead, he works from entirely within the conservative mindset and explains why libertarian-minded Republicans should support gay marriage.

I think it shows a lot about the difference between Republicans and Democrats at Yale to read these two columns side-by-side.

Then I continue reading today's YDN, and find this column: "The election will be decided on two issues: security and the economy. Bush fails on both accounts, and it seems only logical that voters will kick him out." It just proves my point even further. Liberal Yalies think that they live in a microcosm of the US, and have no concept that so much of the rest of the country thinks otherwise. Read this one, because Mr. Taylor is completely out of touch with politics in this country. If he honestly believes that most Americans even know who Richard Clarke is, and that most of those who do believe him over President Bush, he needs to wake up. Or maybe visit the South and Midwest.

UPDATE [4/7/2004]: I decided that I should add the following: not all Dems at Yale are so out of touch with reality. The above post is inspired in part by the old West Wing episode I watched last night, where Ainsley Hayes (sp?) is first added to the cast, and ends up defending the Left-Wingers to her Right-Winger friends because they're at least trying to do some good. I do not intend to claim that Republicans in general are more in touch with the public than Dems, just at Yale. And, I must also note that there are certainly Dems here too, who have a better understanding than most. Just trying to be clear.

I'd also like to add that, in response to Mr. Jones's statement, quoted above, this line from Ainsley last night. She is referring to the Bartlet White House in a way that I think describes Liberals at Yale quite well: "This White House that feels that government is better for children than parents are. That looks at 40 years of degrading and humiliating free lunches handed-out in a spectacularly failed effort to level the playing field and says 'Let's try 40 more.' This White House that says of anyone that points that out to them that they are cold, and mean, and racist, and then accuses Republicans of using the politics of fear. This White House that loves the Bill of Rights--all of them--except the second one."

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