Monday, April 26, 2004 - Appeasement Never Works (sorry, subscription only): "The withdrawal of our troops is just what the terrorists wanted -- the terrorists who attack Iraqis in Iraq, and those who attacked Spaniards in Spain. They are the same. They want the same thing. They have the same objectives, one of which, without doubt, was the withdrawal of our troops. And now they have it. This is hardly the best step for us to have taken after the attack Spain suffered on March 11. Our message to the world is one of abandonment; we have also signaled the value of murder as a way to secure political objectives. If Spain is weaker as a consequence of our withdrawal from Iraq, the terrorists are now stronger. The government has taken the path of appeasement, which history shows to be the worst way to handle threats. Appeasement does not protect one from danger; instead, it fortifies the danger itself."

You've heard it before, from me and from others, but former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar does a great job with this piece explaining why Spanish capitulation to terrorists puts both Spain and the rest of the world at greater risk. It's a lesson that you would have thought was learned by Chamberlain at Munich -- apparently not. If you have access, read the whole thing.

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