Friday, April 09, 2004

The Volokh Conspiracy: "Easter Peeps: Slate's Explainer says that 700 million Peeps will be eaten this year.

That's all? Just two-and-a-half per man, woman, and child? Call it three for everyone old enough to be allowed to eat (semi-)solid food but not so old to have lost their teeth. Of those 230 million or so, 40 million are on low-carb diets, and another 5 million or so are diabetics. 185 million left, who will eat an average of a little less than 4 apiece.

Is there anyone who actually eats Peeps who eats only four of them?"

Peeps come in sleeves of four, or boxes of 16. I always go through a sleeve of 4 in about 2 minutes, and have been known to go through the box of 16 in the same amount of time. My question is, where are the people who are eating negative peeps to make up for the massive amounts that I consume?

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