Thursday, April 15, 2004

The Volokh Conspiracy
David Bernstein over at Volokh has a great, to-the-point post about Israel and Palestine, ending with this money quote:"It was almost two years ago that Bush made it clear that he would judge the Palestinian leadership by one criteria: its willingness to fight terrorism. Why, two years and no willingness to fight terrorism later, it expects 'evenhandedness' from Bush shows that they simply don't understand the man."

UPDATE [4/15/2004]: And here's the key, from - Arafat: Palestinians won't concede to Sharon's plan - Apr 15, 2004: "But Arafat said the Palestinian people will not give up, and said there can be no security for Israel as long as the Israeli occupation of Palestinian lands continues."

The Palestinians, at least Arafat and his goonies, believe that all Israeli territory is actually Palestinian land. The rough translation of that statement is: "There will be no security for Israel as long as there is an Israel." Arafat still seeks the destruction of the Israeli state, at the expense of any concession Israel might be willing to make. It's why he didn't agree to the Camp David Accords, and it's why he'll never agree to anything offered to him by the Israelis. It's why he needs to be out of the equation, and in the meantime Israel cannot yield any ground. As an Israeli classmate said to me the other day, "There won't be peace between Israel and Palestine until Arafat dies." I looked at him and said "Of natural causes, of course." He replied "Of course!" And we both snickered.
Arafat is a junior UBL: a terrorist of a lower order, but still a terrorist.

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