Monday, April 12, 2004

Revenge of the Nerds
Richard Clarke: I wish we hardly knew ye.
Read this if you want to see a great justification of why you should be skeptical about Richard Clarke's testimony. It's not character assasination, it's just an analysis of Clarke's position to judge things.
Money quote: ""Indeed, Mr. Clarke advocated pre-emptive attacks on Afghanistan in the 1990s, years before reasonable people (much less the U.N.) came on board.
In contrast, Ms. Rice, in visibly angry testimony before the 9/11 commission last week, insisted that she and President Bush had to manage competing threats. Just as Mr. Clarke named al Qaeda the top foreign threat, NSC Korea experts thought that North Korea, which murdered two million people and threatened to spread nuclear weapons, deserved the title of global enemy No. 1. Still others saw China, with a billion people, hundreds of nukes, and threats to incinerate Los Angeles, as America's biggest nightmare."

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