Thursday, April 22, 2004

OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan: "I think Mr. Bush is admired and liked after three years of war, terror, strife and recession because people have eyes."
She's a bit idealistic, but that's why I like her. Read the whole thing, cuz Peggy knows what she's talking about.

She also seems to agree with what I said here, when she says: "The Democrats and their nominee say on one day that Mr. Bush ignored terrorism, and on the next that he exaggerated the threat. They say his administration didn't give enough time to planning Iraq, then they say he was obsessed with Iraq. They say he's dimwitted and gullible, then they say he's evil and calculating--he cooked Iraq up in Texas, in Ted Kennedy's phrase.
You know why they can't define what's wrong with Mr. Bush? Because they don't even know what's wrong with him beyond that he is not them, not Mr. Kerry, not a Democrat.
Can the Democrats win this way? No."

UPDATE [4/22/2004 - 19:27]: More on this continuing trend of "Bush is blowing it, but he's still killing Kerry," from Richard Cohen: "In the past month or so, everything has gone wrong for George W. Bush. He has been criticized at hearings of the Sept. 11 commission for being lackadaisical about terrorism. Richard Clarke accused him of being weirdly obsessed with Iraq. More than 100 Americans have been killed there in the past 30 days, and Bush was so inarticulate in his recent news conference that you could say he violated the standards of his own 'No Child Left Behind' policy. Still, if this keeps up, he'll win reelection in a landslide. "

Read the whole thing.

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