Sunday, April 18, 2004

OpinionJournal - Featured Article: "The scenarios [wherein using low-yield nuclear weapons becomes necessary] the task force envisions aren't, regrettably, all that extreme. High on the list would be eliminating an enemy's weapons of mass destruction before it has a chance to use them on us. (Think rogue states and assorted terrorist groups.) Or removing an adversary's regime while saving a country (North Korea). Or ending a WMD war quickly (India-Pakistan)."

That is, admittedly, a scary thought. But we have to realize that it is as realistic as it is frightening. Read the whole article, as it discusses several interesting conclusions reached by the task force of the Defense Science Board in the Pentagon. My favorite is the idea that the 50 Peacekeeper ICBMs that are supposed to be decomissioned soon be redeployed, instead, to Vandenburg Airforce Base and Cape Canaveral. Why do we need to keep these nukes? We don't, but wouldn't it be beneficial to put conventional warheads on them and have the capability to launch a non-nuclear strike anywhere on the world in 30 minutes?

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