Friday, April 09, 2004

OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today: "The reason, Israeli military officials say, is the nearly completed security fence separating this sector of the West Bank from Israel. A 50-mile stretch--from the Jordan River to just north of Netanya--is three months from completion. Already the barrier has virtually eliminated terrorist incidents, as well as car thefts and illegal infiltration, inside nearby parts of Israel. In response, the army has sharply curtailed the hated roadblocks and closures that had disrupted life for local Palestinians. Workers can now reach their jobs. Farmers can bring their crops to market, reviving Jenin's business district." (emphasis added)

I need someone to explain this to me (please do so in the comments section). How does building a security fence work if you end the roadblocks? I mean, if you put a fence around a prison, it doesn't do any good unless the gate is locked. It seems to me that if you build this security wall around Israel, but leave the roads leading in open, it couldn't possibly prevent terrorist bombings. I must be missing something here. Please, anyone who can, explain.

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