Sunday, April 11, 2004

The Masters
I would like to proclaim my gratitude for Martha Burk. For those who don't remember, she is the woman who began the crusade against Hootie Johnson and Augusta National Golf Club for their refusal to admit women as members. Those who know me may be surprised by this announcement, but allow me to explain.

I spent my Easter afternoon watching The Masters with my family, on a beautiful, widescreen, plasma, HD TV. The technology was wonderful - the panoramas, the clarity of the golf ball through the air (you could actually see it!), the beautiful colors all over ther course, and so on - were all beautiful. But the best part all leads back to Ms. Burk: no commercials.

You may remember that when Ms. Burk threatened to lead a boycott of The Masters' sponsors, Mr. Johnson, the president of August National, responded by removing all sponsorship of the tournament, deciding instead to have the Club pay for the entire thing itself. The result? Straight broadcasting of the whole tournament by CBS, and a significantly more enjoyable experience. The only interruptions were for the occasional PGA ads, which weren't annoying at all.

God bless nutty, misplaced, feminist anger.

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