Friday, April 09, 2004

LILEKS (James) :: the Bleat: "But the 9/11 commission has changed my view of the administration. I now believe that if Al Gore had been president, he would have invaded Afghanistan right away, fortified the cockpit doors, issued an executive order that made the CIA and FBI share intel, grounded all planes the moment "chatter" started mentioning "a winged victory, like the bird of righteousness," and subjected all young Arab males to full-body searches in airports. Pakistan would have come around to our point of view right away.

How does Lileks always say it so well? Let's get this clear: the things the Bush administration did wrong that failed to prevent 9/11 are the same things that any new administration, with any man in the world as President, would have done. There was no personal choice that caused 9/11, or stopped this administration from preventing it. There were intelligence failures that had evolved as a part of the system, and the state of the world prevented the military and diplomatic solutions necessary to overcome them. This had nothing to do with the fact that Bush was in the White House.

And God forbid what might have occured following 9/11 had Gore been in his place. And to those who might object to that sentiment, just think back to what you, and everyone around you felt and said on the matter on September 12: everyone was glad it was Bush and not Gore. Especially Gore.

Lileks also has some spectacular comments on the Iraq-Vietnam connection: "I am struck once again by the incomparable hold VIETNAM has over some people. They don't seem to realize how the use of this inapt example demonstrates their inability to grasp the nature of new and different conflicts. When I was in college, El Salvador was Vietnam. When I was in Washington, Kuwait was Vietnam. Afghanistan was briefly Vietnam when we hadn't won the war after a week. It's Warholian: in the future, all conflicts will be Vietnam for 15 minutes."

Read the whole thing, I implore you.

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