Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Kerry hits Bush on steel tariffs _ but would not re-impose them (via BOTW): "Kerry, speaking to about 17 reporters from political battleground states on both sides of the matter, said he supported the tariffs because 'under the circumstances, it was an important grabbing-air moment.'
'I wouldn't re-impose them, but I would have let them play out the way they were promised,' he said. 'Once you put them in place, people have expectations. ... And if you, all of a sudden, upset that, you're really wreaking havoc in the market.'"

As Taranto points out, this is one of the few issues that Bush can be seriously accused of having flip-flopped. Kerry, however, remains too "nuanced," to criticize openly, and miraculously ends up flip-flopping even more severely than Bush. How does he do it?

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