Saturday, April 03, 2004 - Top Stories - Two American GIs Killed in Iraq: "Two American military personnel were killed in separate attacks in Iraq Friday, military officials said, as a homicide bomber detonated explosives outside a town hall, killing two people but causing no injuries to U.S. troops." (emphasis added)

OK, I need to get this off my chest: I'm a partisan. There's no question that I'm a Republican, and a bit of a hawkish one at that. I'm pro-Israel, pro-War in Iraq, etc. BUT, I am sick and tired of Fox News using the phrase "homicide bomber." Enough already. It was kind of cute when it started and we could all snicker and say "ok, they want to emphasize that they don't approve of the method." Grammatically, this is a stupid choice.

The word "suicide" in the phrase "suicide bomber" is not used to emphasize that a suicide occured at the expense of the homicides that occured. In a sentence that states clearly two soldiers were killed by a bomber, it's obvious that murders happened. The point of "suicide" is to specify that it wasn't a roadside bomb, but an individual who also blew him(her)self up in the attack. How can we convince Fox of this fact? Please feel free to make suggestions.

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