Thursday, April 01, 2004

Dell 'learns its lesson' after Indian call centre chaos - "Dell admits it has 'learnt its lesson' after being forced to drop its Indian call centre last year after customer complaints about the quality of service.
The call centre operation for the OptiPlex desktops and Latitude laptops was moved back to the US and, in an exclusive interview with, Dell CIO Randy Mott said the Bangalore centre was unable to deal satisfactorily with the volume of calls generated by the rapid growth of those product lines. "

I must take at least partial credit for Dell having "learnt its lesson" on this issue. I dealt with Dell's Indian call center repeatedly because of my work at Metaserver, and it was attrocious. The people were smart, and helpful, but their accents were too heavy to have an easy flow of conversation. Since they've moved back to the states, you are more likely to get a Texan woman. She also has an accent, but it makes the conversation pleasant and efficient. The lesson? Outsourcing isn't always the solution.

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