Monday, April 26, 2004 - Study: Coast Guard plan inadequate: "The Coast Guard, one of the nation's five armed services, hired the RAND Corp. to evaluate whether its 20-year plan to update its surface and air fleets would be adequate to handle future demands.
The study, to be released Monday, concluded that the service needed two-thirds more cutters and a larger number of aircraft than the original plan recommended."

Can we please all say a little prayer that, when the CG goes to Congress to request the necessary additional funding, it is granted?
Seriously, I'm very interested to see how Congress responds to this study. My bet is pork-barrel grants that do little or nothing to acheive the necessary modernization. Or maybe the Dems will start screaming about how the Bush administration leaned on RAND to come to this conclusion to ratchet up their domination by fear? OK, so I'm a little cynical today, but can you really dispute the probability that what needs to be done will be sidetracked by Congress?

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