Sunday, April 25, 2004 - Thousands gather for women's rights rally This article has a picture posted with it, in which a woman is holding a sign that reads "Against Abortion? Don't Have One!"

I've heard this argument made many times over, and it's been used in the several abortion discussions at seditious libel. The problem is, that argument only works with people who believe that the entity in a woman's womb is a fetus and no more. It fails to account for the fact that many pro-lifers (including myself) believe strongly that life begins at conception. Therefore, from my perspective, by not trying to change the law, I am standing by while millions (approximately 38 million since Roe v. Wade) of innocent, unborn children (not fetuses) are killed. That doesn't leave me the option of, as Laura put it, "If you believe that life starts at conception and that, therefore, abortion is immoral: don't do it. Live a vibrant, beautiful, successful, amazing life without ever needing to have an abortion, and let people learn from your example, the same way you try to encourage people to do anything else that you consider moral."

So, pro-choicers, if you want a bit of my advice on strategy, stop making this argument. It makes sense to you, but it's never going to convince a pro-choicer. I understand it, but it doesn't get at the root reasons for why I oppose legal abortion.

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