Monday, April 19, 2004 - Troops' death toll in April reaches 100 - Apr 19, 2004: "The U.S. military added a dozen more troops to the war's death roster over the weekend, bringing to 701 the number of American service members killed since March of last year, 505 of them in combat."

Johann Hari - Archive (via InstaPundit): "But what are the facts? The Human Rights Centre (HRC) in Kadhimiya has been set up by Iraqis themselves from the ashes of Baathism. They have been going methodically through the massive - and previously unexplored - archives left by the regime, which document every killing in cold bureaucracy-speak. The HRC have found that if the invasion had not happened, Saddam would have killed 70,000 people in the past year. Not sanctions: Saddam's tyranny alone."

701 American deaths is a tragedy by any standard. According to, at least 8875, and at most is 10,725 Iraqis have died in this war. There have been other coalition deaths, and let's assume altogether that they don't reach another 700. So, conservatively, coalition deaths are 1,400, and Iraqi deaths (many of whom are probably among the insurgents) are at 11,000, for a total of 12,400 deaths. Now you tell me that 12,400 deaths in a fight for freedom isn't worth it. You tell me that, in exchange for the 70,000 murders that Saddam would have perpetrated, these people have died in vain. I just want to hear somebody tell me that 1,400 coalition members are more valuable than 70,000 Iraqis. Then tell me why.

And read the whole Johann Hari piece. It's worth it.

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