Thursday, April 15, 2004 - Europe: No deal with bin Laden - Apr 15, 2004: "European politicans have ruled out negotiations with Osama bin Laden after a tape purported to be of the al Qaeda leader offered a truce to European nations if they pulled out troops from Muslim countries."

Smart move on Al Quaeda's part. I thought it was silly for them to open a front in Europe to begin with. Following September 11, most perceptions in the United States changed: we knew we were at war, and we had to fight back. Europe, with a few small exceptions, still does not see things that way. I've been saying for a while now that it would take a 9/11 on European soil for things to change. It would be smart for UBL, therefore, to avoid such an event. If he takes on America alone, and divides us from Europe, he has an increased probability of success.

That being said, I still want the bastard dead. The entire world will be better off once he's gone.

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