Tuesday, April 27, 2004

CNN.com - U.S. forces kill 43 insurgents near Najaf: "U.S. forces have killed 43 Iraqi insurgents in fighting near the Shiite Muslim holy city of Najaf, a U.S. military spokesman said Tuesday. An anti-aircraft position was also knocked out."

In response to an article about Iraqi soldiers "repeatedly firing upon American aircraft" patrolling the No-Fly zone before the Iraq war, I once said that I believe no one should ever live long enough to repeatedly fire on Americans.
Similarly, I'd like someone to explain to me how we allowed them to posess an "anti-aircraft position."

"'Weapons are being stockpiled in mosques, shrines and schools. This explosive situation cannot be tolerated by those who seek a peaceful resolution to this crisis,' Bremer said."

Also of concern is this situation. Saddam used to build bunkers and other military sights below, in, and around schools, hospitals, mosques, etc. It's a smart tactic, as our sensitivity to collateral damage makes these targets very difficult to attack. We certainly don't want to further inflame the locals by storming into their mosques. But, what are we supposed to do if attacks are being staged from these locations? Does anybody have a creative solution? I'd love to hear one, because the prospect of attacking schools and mosques is not a pleasant one, even if they're empty at the time.

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