Thursday, April 08, 2004 " 'We're facing an enemy that's unafraid to fight from behind women and children, from occupied apartment buildings, from protected sites,' said a Marine officer in Fallujah."

I'd like to disagree with this Marine officer, respectfully of course. We are dealing with an enemy who is afraid NOT to fight from behind women and children. There people are cowards, fighting a cowards war against freedom for their countrymen (and, in the case of the foreign fighters, I still believe that holds true -- if we succeed in Iraq, the rest of the Middle East will fall over time). I'm glad to read on "Things have been busy here. You know I can't say much about it. However, I do know two things. One, POTUS has given us the green light to do whatever we needed to do to win this thing so we have that going for us. Two, and my opinion only, this battle is going to have far reaching effects on not only the war here in Iraq but in the overall war on terrorism. We have to be very precise in our application of combat power. We cannot kill a lot of innocent folks (though they are few and far between in Fallujah). There will be no shock and awe. There will be plenty of bloodshed at the lowest levels. This battle is the Marine Corps' Belleau Wood for this war. 2/1 and 1/5 will be leading the way. We have to find a way to kill the bad guys only. The Fallujahans are fired up and ready for a fight (or so they think). A lot of terrorists and foreign fighters are holed up in Fallujah. It has been a sanctuary for them. If they have not left town they are going to die. I'm hoping they stay and fight.

This way we won't have to track them down one by one.

This battle is going to be talked about for a long time. The Marine Corps will either reaffirm its place in history as one of the greatest fighting organizations in the world or we will die trying. The Marines are fired up. I'm nervous for them though because I know how much is riding on this fight (the war in Iraq, the view of the war at home, the length of the war on terror and the reputation of the Marine Corps to name a few). However, every time I've been nervous during my career about the outcome of events when young Marines were involved they have ALWAYS exceeded my expectations. I'm praying this is one of those times."

These Marines are ready for the fight, and they will succeed. May God bless them, and their mission. May God keep watch over them, and protect them, as they fight for His gift of freedom.

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