Friday, April 02, 2004 - Bomb found on Spanish rail line - Apr 2, 2004: "A bomb found under high-speed rail tracks in Spain appears to be made of the same explosives used in last month's deadly Madrid train attacks, Interior Minister Angel Acebes said."

Interesting. You mean the terrorists haven't called off their attacks because they got what they wanted? Appeasement doesn't work? Who would have thought that to be the case?

Seriously, though, this belies the claim that doing what the terrorist want will ever get them to stop. Appeasement just encourages more threats. You may recall my If You Give a Mouse a Cookie post. It's true: he's going to want a glass of milk.

And not only has Spain's capitulation threatened themselves, but the rest of the world as well. These are the words of a 'muslim extremist' today in London (via Andrew Sullivan) from ThisisLondon: "'There is nothing that me and you or the British services or the Government can do about stopping an attack in this country. There is nothing Tony Blair, this liar, can do to stop al Qaeda. There is nothing that MI5 or MI6 can do to stop al Qaeda from bombing London. That is the reality and the only person to blame is Tony Blair himself. They warned him in Madrid - pull your troops out and we will not bomb you. They did not listen. They gave them bloodshed in Madrid. They warned them in New York - stop the terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq. They did not listen. They gave them bloodshed in New York. Now Tony Blair has been warned.'"

Thanks to Spain, we're all at a greater risk, particularly right before an election. Oh good.

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