Monday, April 12, 2004

Captain's Quarters (via InstaPundit): "Dean's editorial perfectly encapsulates the Democratic approach this year; their focus isn't on what they can offer the American public but simply to vent hatred as a selling point. Here's a measure of what Dean is selling: Ralph Nader is mentioned in the text of this article eight times, not counting the headline. George Bush is mentioned seven times by name.
John Kerry is mentioned once."

Relates directly to my mini-poll at the left. At this posting, there have been 16 votes. 5 pro-Bush, 3 pro-Kerry, and 8 anti-Bush. It amazes me how few Democrats I talk to actually like Kerry--they just think he can beat W. Well, I have to say, if you can't get excited about your candidate, how can you expect him to win the public?

While I'm on the presidential election, can I make a new rule? Polls are no longer allowed to come out every other day concerning an election that is still over 6 months away. I'm tired of everybody pointing to a poll and saying "The newest Newsweek polls shows that John Kerry has retaken the lead, by seven points, directly contradicting yesterday's Gallup poll that showed Bush ahead by six points." Uh, guys, can't you see that this clearly means the public hasn't made up its mind, and the polls are going to keep flipping-flopping at least until after the conventions? [end rant]

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